15 Young Moms to Follow On Instagram


We're all guilty of scrolling through our feeds and timelines, unintentionally comparing our lives to the 20-something friends posting vacation selfies and wild parties ("Is that how I'm supposed to be living?"), or to the glossy-mag moms who look, dress, and act nothing like you do ("Am I a real mom?").

Sometimes it helps to find other women living a similar lifestyle — to feel normal. To feel less alone.

So I started a #followfriday feature on the @earlymama Instagram, to help fill your feed with moms who are more like you — inspiring, cool, stylish, happy. Women who balance school/work/motherhood/relationships/new adulthood before the age of 30.  Moms who make young motherhood look good.

Here's are 15 must-follow young moms on Instagram:


Katie Michelle @katie_did_what

katie did what

Katie — a 26-year-old new mom in California — is our most recent #followfriday, and I started following her during her pregnancy. Since then she's posted the most AH-DORABLE photos of her young family, and she also has a separate Instagram account for anyone looking for some fitness motivation after baby (@katiedidwhat_tiu).

Instagram: @katie_did_what

Blog: Katie Did What

Follow her for: Baby photos, cool "young mom" fashion/beauty, and fitness motivation.


Lacy Stroessner @lacystroess

lacy stroessner

Over the past few years, Lacy has become one of my most favorite "early mama" blogging buddies (in addition to her own blog, she writes for Disney Baby and mom.me). With three gorgeous little girls and a picturesque farm-life feed, she brings the 20-something rural stay-at-home mom gig to life.

Instagram: @lacystroess

Blog: Living On Love

Follow her for: SAHM camaraderie, AMAZING recipes + craft ideas, and the cutest sisterly love.

(Also check out her essay on Early Mama: Wanting and Choosing Young Motherhood)


Victoria Hemeyer @victoriahemeyer

A popular young mama on Instagram, her mountain-living life is candid and genuine and bursting with love. She's posted about balancing coursework and finals with motherhood, but her feed is mostly adoration for her little boy. She just might make you feel more hopeful and valid as a young mom.

Instagram: @victoriahemeyer

Etsy shop: ShopMountainMade

Follow her for: "Early Mama" mountain living, mom-and-son love, and fitness inspiration.


Chaunie Brusie @cmbrusie


Chaunie is another personal "blogging buddy" of mine, and a fellow young-mom supporter through her blogs, book, and speaking engagements. After thinking her life just might be over from an unplanned pregnancy in college, she's gone on to prove that young motherhood was the very best thing to happen for her life and career.

Instagram: @cmbrusie

Blog: Tiny Blue Lines

Follow her for: Big family inspiration (she has four kids in her 20s!), the squishiest baby photos, and young mom support.

Also read:


Melissa Schartz @Kourtney_Shotz


I started reading Melissa's blog back when she was just a "young wife," and I've loved watching her embrace young motherhood as well. I especially love that she keeps it real on her Instagram feed, like this recent caption:

Motherhood today was: the hot mess express. The emotional roller coaster. The epic postpartum hair regrowth debacle. The two doctor visits in one day kind of day. It was a ROUGH one. BUT we made it, well technically we’re still trying, but we’re hopeful and we’re still grateful. After all, can a day full of snuggles really be that bad of a day?? #theanswerisno #poorbaby #sickbaby #henryharper #henrygram
— @kourtney_shotz

Instagram: @kourtney_shotz

Blog: Love Like Johnny and June

Follow her for: "Young mom" fashion and baby products, fitness progress, and the sa-weetest little toddler boy.


Becka Lorene @beckalorene


Another gorgeous 20-something mom I stumbled on, Becka will inspire you to grab some lipstick and put yourself together for crying out loud. No frumpy mom here.

Instagram: @beckalorene

Follow her for: Proof that young motherhood can look stylish and fun. (Also? That boy! Edible!)


Sydney Poulton @sydneyliann


Sydney is a wildly popular fashion blogger, and following her Instagram feed will make you understand why. She recently had her second baby, which calls for even more achingly adorable shots.

Instagram: @sydneyliann

Blog: The Daybook

Follow her for: The sweetest photos of a young family, probably ever. And her young-mom pregnancy/mom style is off the charts.


Victoria Garcia @victoriagarcia77


I recently featured Victoria's advice to student moms on Early Mama, and her Instagram is worth a "follow" too.

Instagram: @victoriagarcia77

Follow her for: A relatable Colorado-based, post-grad young mom starting her career and enjoying her small family.


Krishann Briscoe @hismrshermr

I just adore Krishann. I've gotten to know her well over the last few years, and she's a complete inspiration — especially for single young moms who wonder if they'll ever find a companion. (Krishann did.) She's embraced her "early mama" life with grace and love, and her Instagram feed is a representation of that.

Instagram: @hismrshermr

Blog: His Mrs. Her Mr.

Follow her for: A down-to-earth look at a real "early mama" life.

(Also read my Q+A with Krishann: Formerly Single Mom Finds Happiness)


Christina Childress @christinalikesbirds

You might remember Christina as the young mom who had (surprise!) triplets right out of college. In addition to being a Texas-based MOM OF TRIPLETS, she's also a graphic designer and an incredible photographer (see her Web site below). She actually designed the logo/graphics here on Early Mama!

Instagram: @christinalikesbirds

Web site: Christina Childress Photography

Follow her for: Incredible photos and a peek inside a young family with the CUTEST triplets.


Kristel Acevedo @kristelace

This Miami-based 20-something mama is making a name for herself as a blogger, and you can find her writing/'gramming about her two kids, her "early" marriage, and her faith.

Instagram: @kristelace

Blog: Glowing Light

Follow her for: Beautiful family photos and Christian connection.


Heather Scot Nelson @QuirkyFeather

Another Instagram find, Heather is certainly quirky...and fun and happy and absolutely gorgeous. (Seriously, THAT HAIR.) Ever since I started following her, my feed has been a little sunnier.

Instagram: @QuirkyFeather

Blog: Quirky Feather

Follow her for: Smiles, giggles, and serious fashion/beauty coveting.




If this single 20-something mama doesn't embody everything "rad," then no one does. Look at her! She's young and hot and just WAIT until you see how stylish her little man always looks.

The second photo is actually a photo from her clothing line, Rad and Rebellious Apparel, because clearly this mama has a duty to make the rest of our kids as rad as hers.

Instagram: @RadandRebellious, @RadandRebellious_ and @radandrebelliousapparel

Blog: Rad and Rebellious

Store: Rad and Rebellious

Follow her for: Undeniable proof that you don't have to lose your style or personality just because you're now a mom.


Lauren Hartmann @thelittlethingswedo


Lauren — blogger and stylist — married her college sweetheart and started a family in her mid 20s over in the Pacific Northwest. As if her feed wasn't adorable enough with little fashion maven Fern, she's recently welcomed baby Clive to the mix. Her feed and blog is, without a doubt, one of my faves, and I know you'll love her too. She's real, honest, and completely lovely.

Instagram: @thelittlethingswedo

Blog: The Little Things We Do

Follow her for: Toddler and baby style, mama style, and an enviable Oregon backdrop.


Brandy @heartandhabit

Brandy — a Toronto-based mom of two — started a family in her mid-20s, launched a successful blog, and is now an apparel designer with the sweetest clothing collaborations. Besides her two stylish and loving kids, she posts photos about her yoga practice and her totally-in-love marriage.

Instagram: @heartandhabit

Blog: Heart and Habit

Follow her for: Heart-melting sibling affection, yoga inspiration, and gorgeous photos around Toronto. And fashion! Accessible, effortless, adorable fashion.

(Also read my Q+A with Brandy for more.)

I know there are dozens, hundreds, thousands of inspiring early mamas out there. Comment below with your faves, and be sure to include your own Instagram link so we can follow each other!

Follow @earlymama for more #followfriday picks, and don't forget to search/tag with #earlymama.